My Hobby Cars

I love working on my old cars!

  • 1979 Triumph Spitfire (That’s the forward view on the right)
  • 1979 MG MGB Roadster
  • 1949 Packard Deluxe Eight

 I’ll post much more later. Needed this as a placeholder.


1979 MGB Roadster

A few years ago, I bought a non-running 1979 MG MGB Roadster.

It looked like a fun project, and indeed it was! I wound up doing a ton of body work, replaced the engine and transmission, and redid much of the interior. Also installed a new soft top and boot.

Painting in an open pole barn is always a pleasure.

Now it’s a pleasure to drive.

This is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I’ll add more informative content later.

1979 Triumph Spitfire

In March of 2014, I bought a non-running 1979 Triumph Spitfire.

I knew nothing about British sports cars at the time, so this was a big leap for me. I had a huge lack of confidence with my purchase. Would I be able to get the thing running? Was it going to be as much fun to drive as it looked like it would be?

Eventually, it turned out to be good news all around.

The engine needed a rebuild. I had less than ten pounds of oil pressure. Right, the main bearings were shot. So I found a rebuilder (beyond my own expertise) who rebuilt be bottom end. I got the cylinder head done locally. Eventually, that was done, and I moved on to the transmission. It had a 4-speed, but I knew that overdrive units could be had. I found one and installed it.

Moving on, and to keep this reasonably short, I did body work, painted the car, redid the seats and interior, and rebuilt the brakes front and back. I fixed about everything in the car as I worked along on one thing or another. The result is that I now have a slick little sports car that runs like a dream.

What’s left to do? One of these days I’m going to replace the differential. Sounds like a bad pinion bearing, but it works, and I’m loathe to jump into that while I’m doing so many other things. I’m so glad I bought the car.

This is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I’ll add more informative content later.